Punch In

Contactless attendance & Leave management system on Mobile/Web

Punch In is a contact less face recognition based attendance solution that can be used by any business to manage employee attendance. Punch In can be used by educational institutes to manage both class (students) and staff attendance.

Business entity or educational institute can have multiple locations with precise reporting hierarchy. Geo-fencing can be enabled for each branch/location and applies to staff of respective branch/location. Geo-fencing can be enabled/disabled for individual staff

Suitable for

  • Software companies
  • Marketing professionals
  • Manufacturing units
  • Hospitality


  • Educational Institutes
  • Restaurants
  • Housing Societies
  • Big Retail


  • Business Uint
  • Logistics
  • Health Care
  • Contract Staff


Individual attendance by selfie

Click a selfie to mark attendance using employee own mobile

Live Walk-in Attendance (Staff & Students)

walkin-pause for Live attendance at kiosk/entrance

Mark others’ attendance (Staff & Students)

Take your colleagues’ single / group pic to mark their attendance

Offline attendance

Employee can mark attendance offline


Allows employer to restrict the attendance marking area for employees.Also captures GPS location

Leave Management

Customizable leaves and tracking

Employee data management

Capability to manage individual or bulk data

Dashboard and detailed reports

Provides intuitive dashboard and detailed reports

Data Security and Privacy

Punch In App understands the need for privacy and security of personal data and maintains it.

3rd party integration

Open ended for integration with third party systems like HRMS payroll tools

Message broadcasting to employees via app notifications

No need to use SMS for employee communication

Auto logout on crossing Geofencing

Easy Setup

Employer (Super User)

1. Subscribe
  1. Mobile App/Web
2. Configure Policies
  1. Branches with GPS & Designations
  2. Shifts & Leave settings Holidays
  3. Timetable (for educational institutions)
3. Add Employees/ Students
  1. Add Individual or Bulk load Employees & Students data.
  2. Upload reference picture for each. Supervisor/Admin/HR can upload or employee can confirm with first selfie picture
  3. Supervisor/Admin/HR need to upload or take picture of Students with camera

Employee (Manager/Admin/HR/Employee)

  1. Download Punch In App, Install and login
  2. Start using the application for Attendance logging
  3. Supervisor can mark staff attendance thru "Punch In Others" or "Live Match"
  4. Teachers can mark attendance of Students by specifying class and subject

Quick Glance

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  • Valid for 14 days
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe ?

Click here to subscribe. You are allowed to try it out free for 14 days. You call us on +91 99 62 788 029 or e-mail us to sales@siddsoft.com to become a paid subscriber any time before your free subscription gets expired.

How do I make payment ?

A payment link will be sent to you via mail to make the payment using credit card / Debit card / Net banking etc after your consent to become paid subscriber.

Does employees need to sign up ?

No. Employer will have to sign up first and load employee data after signing in. All the employees loaded into the system will get credentials via mail post which employees install app on their mobiles and login to mark attendance

What’s the price to become a paid member ?

We will work out a most economical and customised pricing package for you based on no of total users in your company and payment term flexibility.

Choose your Plan. Try it free for 14 days
Rs 20
Per User,Per Month
  • Mobile App
  • Web App
  • Offline Attendance
  • Team Attendance
  • Punch In Live
Join Basic
Rs 25
Per User,Per Month
  • Mobile App
  • Web App
  • Offline Attendance
  • Team Attendance
  • Punch In Live
Join Pro
Contact us if you want to use your on-premises IT infrastructure
What is a user?

A user is defined as one person added by admin with reference image for attendance marking. He is considered as active user until admin removed the person from Punch In

How do I buy and pay?

Get started with a free 14-day trial by clicking on “Try now” or clicking on relevant join plan buttons or contact sales at sales@siddsoft.com. After the trial ends, you will have to pay for anticipated users for first month. Post paid invoice will be shared from second month onwards by 1st of every month for services provide in previous month. Payment needs to be made before 10th of every month via payment link provided in the invoice mail.

What is the payment plan?

We offer a flexible payment plan. You can add and delete users at anytime. You are billed monthly. For more information on pricing, contact sales at sales@siddsoft.com.

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